Once again, and after 5 years of participation, Oilmotion has been present at Madrid Fusión 2018, with the Chef Carles Tejedor and his team.

They have represented Europastry, a company for which Carles Tejedor has gastronomically reinvented Rock&Roll bread. This is a bread which will revolutionise the world of sandwiches, providing a new option for those who wish to innovate in this area. This type of bread originated in New England, in the USA, and Carles Tejedor and Europastry have transformed it into a versatile and easy-to-use product, which permits 4 different types of cut, with 6 varieties (beetroot, curcumin, carob, wheat, tomato and natural), and with a soft, spongy texture, which makes it adaptable for steaming or frying, as well as in the original way, which is light-grilled or at room temperature.

In the showcooking session on the 22nd of January 2018, Carles Tejedor and his Oilmotion team offered a taste of the infinite varieties of flavours, be they salt, sweet, hot or cold, with mini-rolls of cecina, tartar, lobster, strawberry, and so on.

At the same time, and for second consecutive year with the first-class brand, known around the world, Huîtres Amélie, last Tuesday, 23rd of January 2018, Carles Tejedor and the Oilmotion team presented a new gastronomic creation using the delicate and exquisite marine product that is the oyster.

The Amélie oyster in a swallow’s nest: the refinement of the dashi stock which gives the oyster a touch of tenderness using passion fruit, combined with refreshing coriander and a surprising hint of ají, a chilli, forming a ceviche, a sensation on any palate.