Masia Freixa V3.0 Food Laboratory

Within the framework of the National Congress of Advanced Architecture or Construction 4.0, held in Barcelona on September 26th, where Carles Tejedor and Jon Tugores, architect, presented the Masia Freixa V3.0 Food Laboratory + Restaurant project by Carles Tejedor, who in 2012 developed and created together with Marc Armengol, architect. The objective is to revitalize one of the best buildings in Terrassa, La Masia Freixa, by Lluís Moncunill, hosting a restaurant and a Food-Lab in its interior, where knowledge and new gastronomic concepts would be shared, at the same time, the outer element of functions purely Re-capitalization is an immense tree, made of carbon fiber and with functions such as electricity, air, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Under the moderation of Maribel Torrents, Director of the Guild of Reforms, Kitchens and Bathrooms of Catalonia, Jon Tugores and Carles Tejedor debated how kitchen space has become highly sophisticated and technology, and as a result of Specialized chefs and interior designers at the same time also in a space of pilgrimage.

The project was nominated for The Advanced Architecture Awards 2018.