Rols de Parelles Shakaroll by Carles Tejedor a TV3

SHAKAROLL, Oilmotion’s Foodtruck,  and Carles Tejedor, have been the protagonists and the image of "Rols de parella", an entertainment program produced and presented by Llucià Ferrer, and broadcast by TV3 this summer 2018, during 10 chapters.

The interview format takes advantage of The complicity between two people who have shared some time in their lives, creates the ambience to create and interview, and allow the viewer knows them better. The thread was the gastronomy crated by Carles Tejedor, thinking expressly of a meal for one of the guests, and making them together with him in the Shakaroll, and then enjoying each other, keeping a very close conversation.

A natural Catalonia scene, different every week, have also provided the program with an attractive visual frame.