Hospitality Innovation Planet(HIP) is the bigest Hotel, Restaurant and Catering(Horeca) innovation event, and was held from the 19th to the 22nd of February in Madrid. At this event, Oilmotion presented its working method, DESIGN COOKING. Carles Tejedor and Miquel Ristol explained how Oilmotion has dedicated the last few years to describing and registering this working method, the system it uses, digitalisation, its objectives, trustworthiness and efficacy, as a tool to develop projects.  See more,

After this there was an interesting debate: What came first – the egg or the omelette? This was about how to generate good management of processes.

Carles Tejedor and his team presented, for Europastry, their reinvention of Rock&Roll, the bread form which has revolutionised the world of sandwiches. It is versatile, easy-to-use, with endless possibilities and combinations. An option to bear in mind for everybody who aims to innovate in the area of sandwiches.

Carles Tejedor also participated in the round table of Intereconomia Radio, about the service sector in general and restaurants in particular, with Javier Sánchez, from Fagor, and Diego Olmedilla from Facyre (the Spanish Federation of Associations of Cooks and Pastry-Makers).