On October 26, 2017, the University of Barcelona, with the rector, Mr. Joan Elias, and the company OILMOTION (Design Cook, SL), in their name, Carles Tejedor, have signed a collaboration agreement culminated by some alliances, activities and contributions between both parties that along the last years have helped to enhance the olive oil sector in the gastronomy and Mediterranean diet, as a basis for healthy eating.

These initiatives range from the participation of the chef Carles Tejedor in the course of university extension of "Science and Cooking"; in the interuniversity degree in culinary and gastronomic sciences, as an external specialist; Collaboration with the Research Group on Computational Gastronomy, in the terminological work of concepts related to oils in gastronomy and which has resulted in improvements to, an interactive portal where can be found all the knowledge and activity of olive oil and oils in the world.

As well, in the participation of the design of the food and gastronomic technological pilot plant, which this University projects, and which will be devoted to research and development, innovation, and in which OILMOTION will also be able to carry out its activity in this professional field.

Finally, highlight the signing between UB-Generalitat and OILMOTION, an industrial doctorate that will focus on "Olive oil in gastronomy: from freezing to heating to 180º", which will provide scientific knowledge, following the research and innovation aspects of this company, a technical study of gastronomic consultancy led by Carles Tejedor, as an expert and ambassador of olive oil in gastronomy and catering.

This Doctorate is directed at the academic level by the Libifood research group, led by Francesc Guardiola, Stefania Vichi and Alba Tres from the Institut de Recerca en Nutrició i Seguretat Alimentària de la Universitat de Barcelona (INSA-UB), and carried out by the doctorate Anna Díez.